Orange Rinds

All of us with a love to cook are often looking for things that are multi utility, i.e. they are great with many dishes. I am always vying for such creations. I love to prepare Jams, Pickles, Sauces and now this is the recipe of orange rinds which go well with many complimenting deserts and can be stored for as long as 3 months. Believe me, if you have an active kid in your house, you’ll be making it for 3 months but he/she will wipe it off in 30 days max :-D… Enjoy making this and storing it as a great side for weeks to come !!

….need to know (food details)

  • Number of people served : No counts available for happiness and smiles that these will bring
  • Preparation time : 20 minutes of cooking + 60 minutes of preparation

….and we need (ingredients)

  • Orange peels of 2 oranges : Top flavor for a candy across countries. Best tangy essence.Did you know that 1 orange gives you over 125% of Vitamin C that you require for a day !! It helps in the betterment of the health of your skin, heart, blood sugar etc.
  • Sugar, white, 1 cup granules : Keep it clear to allow the orange colour to shine prime. For that white sugar does the job best. It’s completely neutral and a great enhancer to the orange flavor.
  • Water 3/4th cup : Clear, fresh

….let’s cook ‘n roll (preparing instructions)

  • Wash and rise the orange peels well and then pat dry them completely. Let them not retain their own moisture.
  • Lay these peels as flat as possible on a chopping board and slice thin strips off them. A good size would be around 1/2 cm wide. Too wide will allow some bitterness to reside in your rinds.
  • Blanch these peels now. My way is quick. Can choose this one. Take 2 sauce pans. Pour cold water in one and regular in the other. place the pan with regular water on gas flame till it starts boiling. Let it be there. Now put all rinds in a steel strainer. Alternatively dip the rinds for 2 minutes each in both the sauce pans. Do it 3 times each. This blanching takes away all the bitterness of the orange peel.
  • The peels may now look faded a bit. Do not worry. The color will brighten once coated with sugar syrup.
  • Now take fresh water in a sauce pan (3/4th cup) and bring to boil. Add the sugar to it and stir well to mix completely. Boil it further for 2 minutes to reduce it slightly and allow the syrup to thicken.
  • Add the orange peeled strips to it and move on medium flame till the syrup reduce to 20% of what we started at. It can take around 10 minutes of stirring.
  • Then take off the flame and allow to cool off completely.
  • Here we are with our orange candy strips.
  • Refrigerate and enjoy for 6 months !

Storage : Can keep refrigerated for 20-25 weeks while using it.

Missing Something ? : Some whole (uncrushed) peppercorns and cinnamon stick (1/2 inch) can be added to the sugar syrup before adding the orange peel strips. This enhance the fragrance to a whole different zone.

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