Sassy Egg Chaat / Salad

Hey ! I’ve been silent for the longest ten days of my short blogging life so far. Was vacationing in the Kumaon hills at my uncle’s estate. Too overwhelmed with that right now and would share that adventure soon.

For now I’m sharing a quick snack to cheer all evenings. It’s a typical 12 months brain fade savior. This egg chaat is nutritious and uses whatever is stocked in the fridge and delivers hmmmms & ooommphs easily.


….need to know (food details)

  • Number of people served : 4 active kids or 2 famished adults
  • Preparation time : 10 minutes to boil the eggs, 5 minutes otherwise
  • Serving Size : 4 to 5 forkings each

….and we need (ingredients)

  • Boiled Eggs, chopped in 4 pcs. each : Always remember to allow the boiled egg to reach the room temperature before using it in a salad. This would prevent flavor loss and retain the crispiness of the salad. I learnt that egg white has lower fat and cholesterol than the yolk but has over half of the protein of the egg in it. It’s a wonder food for active and growing kids. An Indian child would have always heard “Sunday ho yaa Monday, roz khao Andey” .. self explanatory 🙂 (1 egg per day, anyday & everyday)
  • Tamarind 1 teaspoon : Tamarind manages body heat well and helps in weight loss and heart regulation. It boosts digestion and immunity. Tamarind brings tanginess in the dish, hence the name prefix “Sassy”
  • Tomato ketchup 1 teaspoon : Ketchup is a kitchen essential and adds to the tanginess besides bringing in slightly sweet flavor. I used the sweet cherry tomato ketchup which I make annually. 
  • Crushed laddoo 1 : This little ball of sweet is a delight for all kids. I crush it and mix here to get the sweet flavor and it’s fat content through the ghee used to make it.
  • Lemon Juice of 1 lemon : Sour and acidic, with a good amount of citric acid, we add lemon here not just to enhance the sour essence but also to use it’s hydrating and digestive qualities.
  • Lettuce Leaves chopped 5 – 6 : Lettuce is amazing in summers (though hard to find in this season). It’s so hot in Delhi in summers that all my lettuce dries up (if any is left) by early march itself. It has over 90% water and very low fiber. It gives us Vitamin C, potassium, calcium to us adding the mild peppery and crunchy flavor to the salad.
  • Parsley 2 twigs (for garnishing) : I grow moss green, long leafed, Italian varieties of parsley till late April. It is mildly bitter but an amazing garnish. It cures bad breath, diabetes and boosts our immunity. One can much the sweeter varieties fresh & raw from a harvest.
  • Tomatoes chopped 1 : I know that over 50% of the salads have tomatoes or tomato based sauce in them. Tomato not only acts as a great anti oxidant and giving us Vitamin K – C etc., it also gets the sweet & fresh essence on a high in this dish.
  • Cumin roasted 1/2 teaspoon : Cumin has an amazing earthy, musk flavor essence. It is said to be the second most popular spice on the planet. It improves digestion, sugar control, weight loss etc. Roasting it makes it easy to mix in the salads and chaats. A non roasted seed would need irritable grinding by teeth while eating.
  • Basil leaves (sweet) broken, handful (4 teaspoons) : There are so many types of basil that I do not know the count. I grow 5 types in  my garden for use. Basil grows throughout the year. It propagates through seeds and cuttings very easily. Here I use sweet basil which has a mild and minty flavor appropriate for this kind of salad. Basil is the king of herbs and has amazing benefits like being anti cancer, anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti oxidant etc. I use basil in curries, salads, soups and almost anything I can.
  • Bhujiya, 1/2 cup : Bhujiya is the indigenous crispy snack of India. It’s a rare Indian who does not know at least 8 – 10 types of bhujiyas. Every region of India has it’s own type. I add it here to bring in the chaat flavor, the salt, the crunch, the “Indian ness”

….time to cook ‘n roll (preparing instructions)

  • Mix the cumin, tamarind, ketchup, basil leaves and tomatoes lightly by tossing.
  • To this add the chopped boiled eggs, crushed laddoos and bhujiya and squeeze the lemon juice over it all. Mix it all well but lightly so as not to wreck the texture of the salad. I suggest tossing and mixing only.
  •  Place it all broken lettuce leaves and top it up with chopped parsley.
  • Allow the hungry pangs to devour well 🙂
  • I didn’t add salt in this one. There’s ketchup, bhujiya to make up for the same

Storage : Couple of hours of refrigeration max. Any later and the salad gets soggy.

Missing Something ? : If you know what magic can Chaat Masala do for Indian salads, then feel free to sprinkle some before the lemon juice is squeezed .

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