Jhatpat Seekh Rolls

A lovely exhaustive evening, everyone out together, there was laughter there was shopping, there were friends there were moments. But, THERE WAS NO FOOD…..

So you walk in the home, switch on the lights, and where do you head to expectantly…. The Kitchen or The Refrigerator !! And who’s cooking 😦 No one. Here’s the troubleshooter for the moment. You just need some cheese slices, a chapati, some basic available seasoning and the world is at your feet 🙂 ….

….need to know (food details)

  • Number of people served : 1 roll each will douse the fire in the bellies
  • Preparation time : 5 minutes, literally

….and we need (ingredients)

  • Chicken seekh kebabs, whole, 2 : Skewered mince meet, mixed with chili flake, cumin, crumbs, yolk and several other things. You will forget asking about any health benefits once you bite into a seekh kebab on a cold rainy evening 😀 
  • Chapatis, 2 : A wheat rolled bread which is inadvertently a staple of India, a chapati is a health powerhouse. It is high in calories, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates while moderate in fats. Chapatis and veggies make a complete north Indian platter.
  • Cheeses slices, 2 : These bring the oomph factor. Cheese slices will good amount of saturated calories or carbohydrates. Not everyone will appreciate, but the kids and the famished adults will adulate !
  • Onion rings, 1 medium onion : High in Vitamin C, the fresh raw onion rings will bring in the juicy crisp feeling in the rolls.
  • Green chutney, 3 teaspoons : Green chutney is typically made of coriander, mint, green chilies, cumin, ginger, salt and lemon juice. Again, you can hardly not find it in a family restaurant pre order served. It has all the health benefits of the herbs ground and also is extremely refreshing and helps in digestion.
  • Chaat masala, for seasoning : Again, one of the most popular Indian seasoning for salads etc. Chat masala is typically made by dry grinding coriander seeds, cumin, carom seeds, rock salt, mint, mango powder and a few other things. Again, besides all the digestive and other heath benefits, the chat masala brings in the ‘Xing’ factor in the rolls.

….time to cook ‘n roll (preparing instructions)

  • Lay the chapatis flat and place the cheese slices. 1 each in the middle.
  • Cover each chapati now with a layer of onion rings, crisp and fresh sliced.
  • Sprinkle sufficient chat masala to tingle your senses enough.
  • Place small dollops of green chutney all across the layout now. Do remember, whatever comes last in the layer actually sinks deepest in your roll.
  • Now place your seekh kebabs, 1 in each chapati and rolls well.
  • Use ketchup if you want and gobble them up !!

Storage : You don;t store your hurry up snacks, do you ?

Missing Something ? : Change the seasoning to oregano if you want to but do not replace green chutney with pesto. That will reduce the ‘Xing’ and make it too cheesey.

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