Featured Blogger Recognition Award


While I have been extremely interested in reading about the great things that my fellow bloggers have been putting online, it came as a wonderful shake up, when I received the message from fellow blogger @azratarannum that I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. Please stop at https://noshable.in/author/azratarannum/ to have some amazing reading experience.

Blogger Recognition Award
Blogger Recognition Award

The passion of putting my kitchen and gardening experiences online in words and snaps started in early April ’18 and in a matter of couple of months I seem to have found myself a parallel space of solace. I can easily call it my Food-Aasana (read aasnas in yoga).

Here are my 2 bits of suggestions to all friends :

  • Let your words always speak the truth. While putting your experiences or thoughts as posts or connecting and appreciating with fellow bloggers, let it be all original.
  • Thoughts and experiences should not be edited. Share what you want and the like minded will connect with it.

Hope they help !!

Continuing with the tradition, allow me to nominate the below given fellow bloggers :

  1. rosemarieskitchensite.wordpress.com
  2. lowcarbnikki.com
  3. bakingintheburbs.net
  4. abritinhelsinki.com
  5. swathisamayal.com
  6. larenascorner.com
  7. guyanesegirlhaitiansoul.com
  8. rozinaspersiankitchen.com
  9. goatsandgreens.wordpress.com
  10. hopscotchmom.wordpress.com
  11. vinayasculinarydelights.com
  12. buttoni.wordpress.com
  13. mayuris-jikoni.com
  14. frugalhausfrau.com
  15. indianeskitchen.com
  16. beatcancer2010.wordpress.com
  17. sunshinysasite.wordpress.com
  18. jyotiskitchenblog.wordpress.com
  19. abhajhablog.wordpress.com
  20. ajeanneinthekitchen.com
  21. julienne.red
  22. surbhikirasoi.wordpress.com
  23. blondieaka.wordpress.com
  24. aplateofhappiness.net
  25. snehdeepskitchensite.wordpress.com

Oh ! did I cross my appreciation list. Look at it from my eyes, I just couldn’t stop !!

Carry on the great job friends !! Namaste