Thums Up Chicken / Cola Chicken

This is a sure shot winner when it would come down to turning heads. If the name won’t entice them then unique flavor will not make them fake it anymore. You’ll surely get hmmms and ohhhhs for a response here. With least of trouble and a handful of ingredients, this recipe is a candy eating, chicken drooling, unconventional junkie’s alms. Prepared with the iconic, undefeated cola soda of India aka Thums Up, this can be used as a great brunch, evening snack and even a light luncheon or dinner routine. Oooogle on !

….need to know (food details)

  • Number of people served : 2 gobblers
  • Preparation time : 30 mins marinate + 20 minutes cooking
  • Serving size : 2 pieces each

….and we need (ingredients)

  • Chicken pieces 4 to 6 : Chicken is easily the most popular non vegetarian food and it brings with itself health benefits like essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. That helps in weight loss, regulating cholesterol. However every second you over cook a food, you are losing some nutrition off it.
  • Thums Up 500 ml pet bottle would do : Acknowledgements to Coca Cola India to continue Thums Up even despite Coke being their flagship. Thums Up has a fizz and flavor which makes it the number 1 preference in India.
  • Salt 1/2 teaspoon : Need this to sour the dish and also from not letting go foul soon.
  • Basil leaves roughly broken (not chopped), I used lime basil here : Basil fragrance bring freshness to the otherwise sweet and sour flavor.
  • Lemon juice 1/3 teaspoon : It rings the zesty sour flavor and helps in digestion of the dish too. 

…..time to cook ‘n roll (preparing instructions)

  • Wash and dry well the chicken pieces.Now use rub half the salt and half the lemon juice on them and keep aside, preferably cold and covered for 30 mins.
  • Now mild heat a shallow pan (meaning short of crackling on dropping drops of water) and pour the Thums Up in the same.
  • Cook well for 5 mins on high flame now till it reduces to 75% of original.
  • Add the chicken pieces to this and continue cooking for 10 minutes more. Bring the flame to medium heat and add remaining salt. Cook for further 10 minutes approximately or till the broth thickens considerably. How thick you’d like your broth would depend on the type of meal you want to have the dish for. In a snacking hour you can bring it to near dry, whereas during main meals you need to leave some fluidity there.In either case make sure that the chicken is cooked thoroughly.
  • Good way to check whether your chicken is cooked or not is by poking and fiddling around near the bones. The eat and the bones should separate easily for a well done cooking.
  • Now put this on a platter, sprinkle the remaining lemon juice and garnish with broken basil leaves.

Storage : Dont store please. Eat hot and immediately. It hasn’t taken any cumbersome time or ingredients, so you can do it again next time, don’t cook to store.

Missing Something ? : You can flip the lime basil with cinnamon or even thai basil. Remember to break the leaves and garnish and not chop. It matters, really !St

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